The influence of Urban music

How much can Urban music influence someone's life?.

All the talk now a-days is about how urban music is bad for the youth to listen to because of the lyrics used by certain artist's today, or is it the way they say they carry guns on a daily basis?.

Now our point is that Heavy metal music uses even worse lyrics such as 'Hang you off a bridge', 'Worship the devil' and 'slit your own throat'. Why is that genre of music not put down as a bad influence, come on how many people go slitting the wrist after a hip hop show?

Most urban artist say yes i have used weapons but it was not the right thing to do, therefore they are setting a positive image out to the public.

But then again there are the artist who do say they shoot people, when there is a chance the most law breaking thing they have done is dropped a pack of space raiders on the floor and got a fine. Come on if you have killed someone why wright about it and bring attention to yourself.

People need to get on terms with the positive sides to hip hop also instead of focusing all their attention to the negative sides of hip hop. Like i am sure Mr Sean Combs (p.diddy) does a lot of stuff for charity do you ever hear about it? No. But as soon as he robs a lolly pop from a little old lady it will be in every newspaper in the world (not saying this did happen)

Please let us know what your views on the Urban influence are.

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